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g3_tour_promo.jpg - 7.5 KCheck out this page for info on one of the
hottest tours ever; atleast as far as guitarists go.
Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and Steve Via will join
up next month to put on an incredible show.
Check it out.

Takeme~1.gif - 156.6 KThis is a link to one of the best web pages on the net.
If you are a fan of both Steve Via, and/or his famed
Ibanez Jem guitars this is a web site that you must visit.
This site pays tribute to Steve's great guitars. The Ibanez Jem.

trineck_sm.jpg - 4.7 KThis is the link to the official Steve Via Home page.
A lot of really cool pic's, movie, news, and even live broadcasts.
Another must for a Via fan.

silver_ib.jpg - 4.0 KThis is the link to the official Joe Satriani Home page.
Joe is one of the greatest guitarist to ever pick up a guitar.
He is also a teacher who has tought some of the greatest
guitarist in the world to play, such as Steve Vai,
Alex Skolnick, and many others. Another great page with info,
picture, and other great stuff about Joe, and his guitars.

georgelynch.jpg - 3.3 KAnother great guitarist, and a great home page
in honor of Goerge Lynch.

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